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  • Kartell Large Ghost Buster, has three open front shelves and four bifacial legs this commode evokes the lines of classic furniture while its transparency and PMMA material give it a contemporary voice. 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    939,00 €
  • Kartell Jolly Side Table, Small and compact the Jolly table is a versatile elegant and trendy side table available in transparent or mat tinted polycarbonate. It is shock resistant and weather proof. 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    146,00 €
  • Kartell La Boheme, designed as a stool in precious vase shapes. La boheme 3 is a stable and functional seat yet may suit any place in the home or garden and are as useful as a side table. 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    171,00 €
  • Kartell Small Ghost Buster, at home in any corner of the house this squared cube on 4 legs available in completely transparent, coloured or mat versions  made of PMMA. 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    353,00 €
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    Kartell T Side table indoor/outdoor, the surface of the T-Table is reminiscent of embroidery yet made of transparent or batch dyed PMMA. Its available in a clear transparent version and a coloured one and it comes in three different heights. Great grouped as a centre table or individual side tables. 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    235,00 €
    In Stock
  • Kartell Tip Top Side Table, Tip top is a small side table, light and versatile, formed of a transparent single base hollow leg which gives depth to the structure. The top is available in a broad variety of bright either transparent or matte colours. 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    232,00 €
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    104,00 € In Stock

    Kartell componibili round storage unit, modular elements were designed to meet various needs and to fit into any room in your home : bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room.  4-6 weeks delivery time 

    104,00 €
    In Stock
  • Bookworm is marked by a series of bookend supports,  bookworm combines flexibility and superior durability allowing for a load of around 10 kgs for each support. It is advisable to wall-mount the shelf in a curved shape to keep the materials in tension and to increase resistance once loaded 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    372,00 €
  • Optic offers a myriad of potential combinations whether by placing the cubes next to each other, by stacking them or by creating linear compositions. Depending on thir quantity and arrangemnt, they can charmingly fulfil a wide variety of needs 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    258,00 €
  • A totally innovative concept for an armchair by the clever and novel combination of two aesthetic qualities. The chair's structure is made of transparent polycarbonate, the seat of polyurethane foam plastic.The design is linear and very harmonious, its comfort is exceptional.  4-6 weeks delivery time 

    851,00 €
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    1 643,00 €

    The Kartell Pop Armchair features Kartell's signature transparent polycarbonate frame and mixes it with colourful fabric from the Missoni range. 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    1 643,00 €
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    2 133,00 €

    Kartell pop duo armchair, solid colours in cotton material, pop is available with a broad range of solid colours in cotton, making it a multi purpose product, suitable for both adults and children, and perfect for furnishing both public and private areas, thanks to its fire-resistant properties and its excellent value for money. 4-6 weeks delivery time 

    2 133,00 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 45 items